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Did I hallucinate?


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I’m really confused about what I just experienced. Was working out at the gym and during my workout I noticed some sparkles appear in my vision. I stopped working out and kept looking at them. I was frightened and then I thought maybe there was glitter in the air so I reach out to try to swat it away to see if it was really there and it was not. I then looked at the ground and saw the floor cave in for a second. I was pretty freaked out so I left the gym... has anyone experienced this.. I thought my visuals were better I barley notice anything besides the mild static in low lighting and rare after images and eye floaters in the sky..

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Don't worry, the glitter thing is perfectly natural... I have had that since childhood, sometimes happens when I stand up too fast or really get my heart pumping. Not sure about floor caving in, but probably related to exercising. 

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