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Medication Pins?


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This is more so aimed at some of the mods on here, I found that a couple of years ago when I first got HPPD, i was more so finding information on levetiracetam and lamotrigine on google or other sources, such as the NCBI case study.


Why are the lamotrigine and levetiracetam threads not pinned in the medications section? I think these two resources should be bright, visible, and easily accessible on this forum, especially when the medications subsection of the forum can be so vague and convoluted sometimes with various experimental medications, that most first timers would typically want to stay clear from.

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If someone with a good insight into the medical side of hppd wants to write a post about medications, I will happily pin it. As it is, most of the posts are just personal accounts about it and don't really seem pin worthy. If you know of a specific post that you think is pin worthy, please post a link and I will take a look. 

If I get some time in the week, i might try to put together a post about the pros and cons of all the usual medications

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