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Is this HPPD?


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Hello All,

I did 2 tabs LSD a little over a month ago. Ever since then I haven't felt right. The first thing I noticed were floaters, I had like 20 that I could see. I thought that the LSD had caused a retinal detachment, and a week after the trip went to an optometrist who told me I do have a few floaters, but nothing serious. I've noticed them before but never as crazily as this. I also noticed a sensitivity to light, like if I looked at the tv right it would make me very uncomfortable.

Since then I searched the Internet for floaters related to LSD and ended up learning all about about HPPD, and the other symptoms. I can't tell if I have the symptoms or not because they are so variable. Sometimes I am sure I have visual snow, other times I can't see any. I have moments when I feel depersonalized, and moments when I don't. sometimes lines look wavy and other times they're 100% straight. I feel like I might see starbursts on lights at night, but I didn't notice that until I read about it and looked for it, so idk if it's really any different than normal.

The only symptoms that are 100% there all the time is the floaters, and light sensitivity. They are so noticeable when move my eyes, and make me very uncomfortable. Also staring at a projector screen or the sky is really uncomfortable.

Do you guys think this is HPPD?


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Floaters are normal.  Perhaps you're just noticing them now.  I've never heard of lsd causing retinal detachment.   I took a truck load of acid, and my eyes are still working fine.  I suspect you don't have hppd symptoms.  Perhaps some residual post-dosing weirdness.  If you're concerned, stay away from drugs for a while to see how you're doing.  Understand that hppd can be a truly debilitating condition, and it doesn't sound like that's what you're dealing with.  Just my opinion you understand.  I'm not a doctor, I'm just some old guy who has had hppd for a long time.

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