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baclofen experiences


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I wrote pretty extensively about this drug in a previous thread: 



its an interesting drug. It helped me immensely and hurt me too in equal proportions. One day I’ll revisit it with a major write up of my experiences over the 8 months I took it.


one thing I didn’t mention in my post—if you take it, and after a few days you feel good (I mean really good) then I would discontinue. For a subset of the population it seems to lead to hypomania and burnout similar to GHB.



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On 10/7/2018 at 10:19 PM, MrCipher said:

Thank you for your response! on your other post you mentioned something about having semi permanent changes to the brain? can you elaborate on that a little more because that kind of worries me a bit

Increased cholinergic functioning. Better memory. Zero pleasure response. This lasted for several years and as my pleasure response got better, my memory got worse. Some interplay between dopamine, gaba, acetylcholine? Found good evidence for theories but thats it...

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