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Eye Problems

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Hey, I'm new here. I just wanted to know if anybody else experienced the same eye problems that I have. I've gotten Hppd from Cough syrup abuse and besides the usual weird sh-t (breathing walls, Dp/Dr) I've been experiencing vision problems like brown floaters, the liquid curtain (everytime I look down a liquid curtain follows), and blurry spots (not all the time, just some eye floaters look blurry at times). I went to the eye dr. and they said my eyes were healthy but I'm waiting to see a retina specialist. My mother says that the brown floaters are genetic because she has them also but the other visual symptoms weird me out and I can't find any information on them and it's frustrating as hell. The dp/Dr and breathing walls don't really bother me though. I've always been introverted so hppd just feels like something that's apart of "my world" and I do not mind the hallucinations (It really just feels like I'm in an episode of Rocko's Modern Life because everything looks wonky asf lol). 

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I think alot of that sounds natural.... the eye is far form perfect and due to the nature of hppd, we are contastly looking for changes in our vision and start to notice the eye's natural defects too.. See what the retina specialist says, but I think there is little to worry about.

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