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i took 1 year ago LSD , 2 weeks after i smoked some weed(my first time with weed) , i had good experience.. and it felt a bit like LSD trip..

for the next days like everything is ok.. and then after a week i started to get like a mix of lsd and weed "mini high"... and it didn,t stop!!

 then.. when its all started to relax and i started to feel better and less powerful Flashbacks.. i did my mistake again..

i smoked 1 month ago weed while MDMA roll .. everything startts again... a new HPPD with MDMA and weed "mini high"....

it includes feeling tired and anger... depression... ... social anxiety got much worse.. i have some part of the day that i feel good and talk a lot(MDMA)

i drink a lot of water, even now..(MDMA)


and... i hope it'll dissapear.. i stopped everything, even alcohol i avoid cause it makes worst the symptoms.



i do a lot of sports, it makes me feel more intense the symptoms(espcially  aerobic) , but i believe that the worse the symptoms the faster the HPPD will disapper for the long range..

also eat only healthy food to help my depression & anxiety crisis that was cause from this HPPD.

i absolutely believe it's the weed that trigger the hppd and my deprssion & anxiety ..

thanks for reading


by the way you guys have some advices how to cure faster NATURAL WAYS ONLY  ... ?

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Natural ways?  First off, stop using mind altering chemicals.  I can't stress that enough.  Second, stay focused.  School, hobbies, family, work, anything to keep your mind engaged.  I follow a diet that avoids processed foods.  I also don't eat meat or dairy, but I understand that being vegan isn't for everyone.  You're exercising and that's great way to keep the body and mind healthy.  I've found meditation to be very helpful.  Basically, it's just mental focus but it has helped me immensely.  

I hope that helps.  Take care.

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