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Possible HPPD

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Hello, I'm new to this board. I took a dose of lsd nearly a year ago and since then I have had this feeling that I am still in the trip, even though part of my mind realizes its over. I have the usual symptoms of hppd such as the depression and anxiety and the DP and DR. However, I rarely find myself seeing any visuals. Every once in awhile I will get a sort of tunnel vision and a sudden pounding in my head, but that does not happen frequently. I had none of these symptoms until after I took the lsd. Could this be HPPD?

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Taking LSD can change you.  Sometimes the change can be beneficial but for others not so much.  The problem is that we can't choose how the outcome will turn out.  For most of on this board,  it was a negative outcome.

As humans we can have all kinds of mental and physical issues.  They may not be related to the your LSD experience.  For example, I have open eye visuals.  I'm certain that was due to all the psychedelics I took.  However. I developed tinnitus later in life which, I think, was caused by decades of going to rock shows and not a hppd symptom.

If you're having issues, bring it up with a doctor you trust.  Tunnel vision may be the result of some other problem.

Stay away from psychedelics including cannabis for a while.  If you do have some early hppd symptoms, best not take any chances.

Take care.


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