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Please.... Gene testing.

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Hey everyone,

lately, I’ve spent a lot of time going over my gene mutations in an attempt to better my health. Knowing what I do know about pharmacology and neurology, I would never have touched hallucinogens had I known about these genes all those years ago.... but thems the breaks.


what we, all of us, can do now is get our genes tested and share the results here so we can find some sort of common thread between them. 


Below is just a short list of some major mutations that I have that can lead to physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. Some of the things that pop out to me are the glutamate to GABA conversion genes and the glutathione lowering ones. No one likes the term excitotoxcicity, however my brain is primed for such an event to occur. 


A good way way to get your genes tested is to pay for a service like 23andme or ancestry, download your raw data file, and then upload them into one of the many gene mutation websites out there. This is nutrahacker. I like them because they provide a nice and clear outline of what you have, what to use to help, and what to avoid. Other more in depth websites, such as selfdecode, provide a much larger array of mutations and normal genes you have and what they can lead to... but requires a lot of sifting.




i realize too that there is a cost associated with this and it’s not a small one. I’m not sure what 23andme charges now, but I believe it’s about $200. Nutrahacker is below $50 and selfdecode is a paid subscription website (you’ll see why if you visit. It’s  in depth.) Remember, it’s a one time fee for the first two at least. Once you do it, you have these forever. I would never go to a psych or doctor without a print out of these now and I know my doctor would never have prescribed me certain meds that I had either strange reactions to or outright bad ones had he had this information. 


Were all here to better ourselfs. In this way, we can do just that and perhaps begin to unravel a common theme between us that is deeper than what we took and how we feel. Maybe we can figure out why.




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