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Maybe success story not sure but here is something

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Hey I came on this forum last winter freaking out that I might have good. All my symptoms and story are on a different post, not sure if I had hppd or early warning signs but I am here to say that they have diminished greatly and it may have been a mental thing as I’ve continued he’s doing ptsd therapy and stopped focusing on the symptoms and now I’ll even try to “re-activate” my symptoms the same way I’d focus on them before and it’s pretty well gone. Probably was just normal phenomena amplified by fear and what I’ve “learned” from the trips in terms of what my brain can produce in terms of visuals. I also believe it may not have been hppd because I can smoke weed again (after taking an 8 month break with nothing except some nicotine from cigars and an accumulation of no more than 30 drinks) and have no problems. 

Maybe this helps somebody maybe it doesn’t, figured I’d post something g because the people here helped save my sanity and I figured at least giving an update would be something, as I remembered seeing someone post before how people who do recover usually move forward and never look back (including coming back to post here sometimes) for fear of re triggering symptoms or just don’t want to think about it again. So that’s the update, I’m on no meds anymore, can smoke without any issues and life is generally pretty good. Thanks for the support! Hope this helps somebody 

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