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I have had HPPD for about 2 years now. My Hppd has gotten worse and worse every time I would do LSD and MDMA. When I am hung over and Smoke weed that is when my HPPD goes WILD. It's just too much for my eyes to focus on and hurts my eyes so much... I was at a music festival Shaky beats in Atlanta this past weekend and I was hung over and I couldnt even see ZEDD play because I couldnt even open my eyes I was in so much pain seeing so much stuff. I couldnt look at a screen without my eyes hurting so much. The only thing that helps is benzos but I only take that when it's extreme and hurts my eyes. I also dont smoke weed anymore because I get panic attacks now and extreme anxiety from HPPD. I just want it to go away really. Im tired of seeing all of this stuff for 2 years now. I just want to be normal. I don't know why anybody would ever want to have HPPD it literally drives me crazy sometimes and I just wish I didn't do acid and molly as much as I used to. I started getting HPPD after doing acid maybe my 10 time with molly (candy flipping)
I would like to know what works best for you guys in making your HPPD minimally noticeable. Thanks
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Welcome.  First off, look through the posts under the various topics.  There are some bright people who post here.  Lots of good advice. Then there's me, who offers repetitive advice (:

The only symptom I still have are (eyes open) visuals.  What works best for me is staying focused.  Work, hobbies, reading, cleaning the house, anything to keep my mind focused.  As soon as I lose focus and I stare at anything the visuals start.

For anxiety I meditate daily.  I've been doing the practice for decades and it really helps. 

I also can't smoke weed.  Makes my visuals intolerable and, for me, it makes me feel awful.  

As for eye pain, have you seen a doctor?  As I said, I have visuals, but have never had any eye pain.

I hope that helped, even if just a smidgen.


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Hey man, we know you're going through shit because I go through it, same with everyone else here. Just know you're not alone and we KNOW what's it like to be at our lowest point. Many people here have posted multiple times in a span of 3 min because they're on the brink of suicide, and many people come to their aid. This place has trolls, same with everywhere else. For the most part we're very welcoming and if you need people to talk to, we're here. 

I still have open eyed visuals, really bad starbursts, same with halos, and my closed eyed visuals are still apparent. I get very anxious frequently, so i know what's like. We're here for you, much love.

Andrew <3

(Sorry if i kinda rambled, just being honest.)

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