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i have hppd


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it sucks, cant think, constantly feel like i'm on the verge of death, i feel dumber but at the same time hyper aware of everything, i'm making connections in my head that have no basis in reality, i don't care about the fucked up vision, i just want the intrusive thoughts & dp/dr to go away. i have lost 15kg's since it started getting bad, i cant find the motivation to do anything. posting here now because the hppd subreddit is absolute garbage & full of attention seekers

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Hi! Welcome here edguy. Sorry for hear that. In my experience, since I've been sober for one year now. (I tried to smoke ago one year, and I relapsed so bad), all my symptoms are really better, to the point I can't notice them. I hate the fact I've forgotten how I used to ''see'', but I love to get fun and be happy again, since I've accepted my new ''reality". Give it time, and stay away from drugs! I'm 99 % better, I promise I'm not liying. Only tracers. No dp/dr or anxiety anymore! Cheers & bless.

Give it time to see how things can going withouth any meds and withoung put more chemicals on your brain First, try to let the body recover on its own. Then, you could see for any meds help, if you need it. Try yet to don't put any more chemicals in your brain first and try to stay away from drugs, please! it's the best advice I can give you, from my own experience. You'll be better.

Take care, and cheers it up.

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stay sober man, I know exactly how you're feeling. Been sober for 9 coming onto 10 months now. It'll feel like forever because it has for me. Just stay focused and you'll feel better, i can promise you that much.

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I'll echo what others have written.  Stay away from psychoactive substances.  Give your mind and body time to level out.  You don't say how long it's been since your last dose, but understand, it can take a while to find clarity.  Try to focus on something, anything, that can get you up and moving and try to stay focused.  Also, don't be too hard on yourself.  Most of the people I dosed with ages ago report no signs of this disorder.  We're just unlucky, we're not bad people.  Take care of yourself.

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