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Delayed onset?


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About two weeks ago i did pure mdma(i dont want any criticism i know its not smart to do it with hppd) 

Anyways this leads me to my question, as of recently ive noticed my hppd getting worse, the day after i did the molly it got really bad, but then i took my dose of lamotrigine and by the next day my hppd had been back to baseline, that was over two weeks ago.

The last 3-4 days ive been having a few episodes of depersonalization.

I should mention that up until last night i had been doing nofap for the last 21 days, because i suffer from PIED and i want it to get better.

Last night i fapped three times and it ended up making me super paranoid and i couldnt fall asleep for hours.

Anyways, my question is, can hppd not worsen until weeks after you consumed the drug? Like i said ive been fine up until the last few days, i assume last night fapping 3 times isnt helping my anxiety today but who knows.

Sorry for going so off topic multiple times, but i think its best you know all the info thats been going on.

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It's hard to say how your body will react to these sorts of things. I would say that beating off, especially after fasting for so long can definitely throw off your brain chemistry. I can't really offer a definitive answer to your question, but I can offer some advice. Just take the dp waves in stride. Sounds like this is somthing you have grown familiar with. When you dp out just acknowledge it and let it pass. And it's not worth dwelling on if your hppd is getting worse if it hasn't gotten worse already. Hope this helps in some way. Might sound a bit redundant but I've found that those methods are the best way to deal.

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