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Thoughts on Sarcosine?

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I’ve just received some Sarcosine in the mail (100g). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? The only person I’ve really found on the forum who’s tried it (Jess) didn’t seem to have a good time. But I do seem to react semi positively to enhanced glutamate. Glutamine seems to help remove a lot of negative symptoms I have (apathy, social withdrawal, etc). Would love to know if anyone has tried it. 




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Whelp I took the plunge. Didn’t notice really any effects. I felt a little uncomfortable physically later in the evening. I think I’ll do 500mg twice daily and see how that goes. Apparently this stuff helps repair dysfunctional nmda receptors and that’s what I’m looking for as I believe oxiracetam really did a number on mine.


i read one report on here about a user having a bad reaction. Jess I think. She also got relief from keppra. Since Sarcosine definitely impact ampa function, and I’ve noticed those who benefit from keppra are those with SEVERELY hyperactive ampa receptor functioning, I believe this explains her reaction. I have no way to tell for sure if Jess was suffering from increased ampa atomization, but the majority of my hppd was caused of overuse of coluracetam which is a highly poten ampa receptor HACUe. My symptoms were 100 percent in line with every keppra success story in terms of the symptoms they were suffering from (it’s a very distinct kind of hopelessness one learns to identify). These people tend to have those life changing moments on keppra without the typical side effects one would expect from a med like that. I’ve tried keppra twice—once with very high cholinergic functioning that was causing crippling depression and suicidal ideation. It worked like a charm. Cognition improves along with mood. Then I tried it again when I had normal/sub par cholinergic functioning. Side effects. Depression. Lethargy. Memory issues. Interesting to think about no?


I was able to knock down my HACU by withdrawing from benzos and keppra very quickly (not a fun experience; I don’t recommend it but it worked). So if you are a responded to keppra, stay away from things that enhance ampa until that’s under control. 


Anyway a litlle sidetracked. Will report back on the Sarcosine.

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So I started to feel pretty uneasy on this stuff. Had horrible sleep. Kept waking up with physical anxiety. I’m discontinuing the trial—it doesn’t feel good or safe to me and has put me back several steps in my recovery for the time being. Hopefully the reaction finds equilibrium soon.

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I want to update this thread—I’m still experiencing some degree of fallout from sarcosine but it has gotten a ton better. Mostly I’m just deal with certain mood issues I didn’t have before such as irritability. 


I think that that sarcosine should be avoided if you have hppd. It exacerbated my symptoms, visual and emotional, by a hundredfold for weeks. 

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