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Strange onset of HPPD


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I took the drug AC40dmt on around the 2nd of October, the trip was intense and I wasn't prepared, I got pretty anxious, but I wouldn't necessary call it traumatizing. Flash forward 2 months and I was feeling more or less fine, a little bored, so I decided to see if I could make my self trip again. I started staring at the ground to find letters or letter like patterns on the ground (most prominent and obvious visual from my trip) and all of a sudden the patterns appeared everywhere. I panicked a little but went to work anyways, the rest of the week I could still see the patterns if I looked at carpets or some tiles with lot's of texture. Dp/Dr happened a few days later, and ever since I've been experiencing some symptoms of HPPD(still see patterns and other symptoms of my trip). Wondering if it's possible to trigger HPPD by yourself without marijuana or other drugs triggering it and if it's nommal for it to happen months after you actually took the drug (drank alcahol during that period but no weed or other drugs were consumed).

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Absolutely you have caused the HPPD symptoms with DMT. Theres literally no doubt in my mind. No, unfortunately no one experiences what you are unless they have some psychological disorder. Im not trying to freak you out, your symptoms will improve, but please do not do any hallucinogens anymore. Give it some months time and you will notice improvement. DMT is a very strong hallucinogen and what I used, I developed HPPD from one single use of it, its the reason Im here.

Symptoms may improve even a year in.

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