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Sober hallucinations


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Hey guys,

So I’m at a pretty big low right now. I’d been abstaining from weed for months now, until a friend convinced me to try it again over december. Long story short it ended in me tripping out heavily with a ton of anxiety attached. Life got pretty strange for a bit after that but I learned to recuperate and was in a good place.

Now I’m back at college after break, and all of a sudden a week ago I noticed a certain patterned carpet at a dinner I was at and started tripping. I’d never tripped sober prior to this incident, and now a week later, today to be exact, I was sitting in class and noticed the pattern of the tiles on the floor and the ceiling panels and began to trip again. I try so hard to keep my psyche in control but every time it seems like I lose it. I’m terrified of the idea that I could possibly start tripping at any surface that’s not a simple fucking solid color scheme. It’s such a horrible anxiety-ridden feeling that I cant shake, how I could be at a job interview and just start tripping if the room has the simplest of patterns to it. Please guys, I need some meds or something at this point. If anyone has experience, let me know. I keep hitting these lows and my HPPD just seems to get worse and worse as time goes on. I’m genuinely scared.


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For me, pattern form on surfaces.  It always happens.  I also see faces, animals, among other things on seemingly random surfaces.  Pattern, like on carpets, are never static.  Always shifting and transforming.  I used to feel like I was slightly dosed all the time.  That either went away or I've had it so long that I no longer notice.

I'd advise that you stay away from cannabis.  It puts me in a strange state of mind and my hallucinations get tough to handle.  It also gives me panic attacks.

I never really got the extreme anxiety that you're describing.  Though, I remember being at a job interview in a small office and the cork board behind the person interviewing me turned into an array of faces.  Hard to focus with all of that going on.

I guess what I'm getting at is you're not alone.  Myself and others in here deal with what you're experiencing.

I've never taken medication for this.  However, there are quite a few people in this forum who have.  I'm sure they'll chime in soon.

Hang in there.

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