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Klonopin wd/CBD oil? Very bad dp/dr symptoms


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Hi, I am in the middle of a klonopin taper. I have gone from 1 mg to .05 in the past 2 weeks. I also cut my remeron from 15 mg to 7.5 last Sunday. I started using some CBD oil last Friday mainly to help with chronic pain conditions but also heard it could help with klonopin withdrawal. My dp/dr HPPD symptoms started going through the roof yesterday with panic attacks. My sleep has been terrible since I cut the remeron dose, but last night was the worst with pounding heart like I thought I was going to die. I guess my question to anyone is do you think the symptoms I am having are from withdrawals from meds or do you think CBD could be triggering any of them? I last cut klonopin dose two days ago from .75 to .5. The oil I have is not supposed to have any THC in it.

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I'm not a doctor of any kind and I have no formal medical training so take this with a grain of salt.

I'm hyper-sensitive to THC.  It makes my visuals run riot, my heart speeds up, and my mind falls into alien thinking "patterns" that are very difficult to describe.  However, I do take concentrated CBD oil to help me sleep.  I don't get any of the negative symptoms that I get from THC.  CBD has worked wonder for insomnia, something I've had most of my adult life.  

As for the other medications, I have no idea if they may be the cause and I don't know if they would somehow interact with CBD.

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I am the same way about the THC and that is why I only very cautiously tried this oil to see if it might help with pain. I am very glad to hear that you are not getting negative effects taking it for sleep. I have gotten feedback from some other people that these can be benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms.

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