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Hello All! Need Advice


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I hope all is well with everyone,

So I am one of those, maybe have maybe don't have full blows HPPD. To give you some background, I have only ever tripped on shrooms 4 times, and those were all spaced about 5 months apart, across two years. Secondly, I have robo tripped rather often in my past, never more than once in a month though, although not in the past 6 months. My last trip on anything was in mid October 2011 and was about a 3/4 of an eighth of shrooms. The trip was rather intense, but I rode it through and gamed all night pretty hard. However over the past three weeks, I have been noticing some weird effects, and I think HPPD may be the cause, and I would like you guys' opinions. I trust you all before i would trust anyone else. BEFORE I describe my symptoms however, I would like to let you all know I went to a opthamologist who told me that I had a case of nearsightedness, although not to a great degree. So here is a list of symptoms, or lack thereof for some.

Visual: EDITED

Visual Snow- Absolutely none, even if i try to force something like visual snow, I cannot see any

Afterimages- After speaking with you all I would say no I do not have afterimages. I only get them when I stare directly at lights, never on other objects

Ghosting- Again, I never see ghosting during the day, although when I am driving, I sometimes see a slight ghosting effect over top of road signs (nearsightedness or HPPD). I also do not get auras on people

Starbursts, These are not very prominent, however, I have begin noticing some starbursts off of headlights while driving at night, again NOTHING during the day. These starbursts also go away off of lights when I get close to them (So could be that im LOOKING for it and could be that its nearsightedness)

Tracers- The only tracers I get are when i move my hands really fast in front of my face, or my cell phone really fast in front of my face in a dark room. The tracers never come off moving objects though

CEV's: NONE, I dont even see patterns if I try in carpets or outside. I never actually see any patterns when i close my eyes, nor on walls or or carpets. I dont get breathing either, atleast I dont think so.

Text- Text is PERFECTly fine, however black letters on white backgrounds keep shifting slightly if I concentrate on them hard. This could be some form of binocular instability, but I also know its super odd. It does not interfere with my reading in text books, because the words do not shift. It is solely on like really black text on a white background.

Floaters: I do see floaters occasionally when I look outside at the sky, but they are slight and not intrusive at all. I would have to look for them.


I really don't understand DP or DR, however I can say that I never really feel out of control, or like things are cartoony. Sometimes I notice myself talking in my head a lot, but I assume thats more the anxiety from thinking I have HPPD.

Odd but possibly related:

At night, I get really weird shit going on now. Right before bed, it is like I am in this weird state between sleeping and waking. My mind begins to run on and on, but then just as sleep is about to happen, I JOLT back awake, like something triggered this Oh shit what are you thinking about and it makes me get really anxious for a bit. I also seem to get blasted by bright lights as I wait for sleep, even when its a pitch dark room. Could this possibly be related to my anxiety over POSSIBLY having HPPD, or what. It is not like CEV's where you see patterns, its just like lights in my vision as my eyes adjust.

So I really want your opinion, do you all think I have HPPD. Could this be a early onset of HPPD, or is it just a combination of me stressing out over the thought of HPPD and really just my nearsightedness. I have no idea what is going on, but I feel you all would have the best idea.

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You should be fine, just ride it out and stop dwelling on it, if you think about it it might get worse, if you stop thinkin about it and move on with your life it'll probably go away in a few weeks or months...and if youre so anxious about HPPD, stop trippin, if you got this 4 trips in youre probably not gonna last much longer, i tripped 12 times and 5 months after my last trip it just came on last night...also, i can definitely say that hppd has diminished my long distance sharpness, it was really noticeable from 1 day to the next when my derealization started.

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Well, mainly it is the night time halos and ghosting around streelights, as well as the tracers when objects are in front of my face. When you all get tracers, is it off lots of objects like passing cars? I just dont know what degree of tracers points towards HPPD. I never did LSD so I really dont know what real tracers look like, but I noticed a tracer when i wave like my hand in front of my face or some other object. Never on passing objects in the distance.

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I dont notice tracers on cars either, just with my hands, cell phone over my face...thats how i used to test for it haha but im over that now, i know it's there but if i test for it every day it's only gonna bring me down, it wont get better tmrw, so why should i check if im better from yesterday?...you should be fine man you honestly have no symptoms just very slight abnormalities that are freakin you out, just stop doin psychedelics and youll be fine.

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Well, I am pretty sure we have normal tracers, after seeing the doctor today, seeing a tracer in front of your face is normal. HPPD sufferers seem to face tracers off of every object, especially those in the distance. Like when cars pass by, or people pass by. But i have quit all drugs, except alcohol of course

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Floaters are far more prominant if looking at a straight colour, i.e. a wall, the sky, etc, however they are there all the time. Mind you my floaters are pretty trivial.

Visual snow is there whenever I look at a dark setting, I will see a sort of fluoroish haze over it, also at night it becomes a real grainy feel to my whole vision. Again my VS is pretty mild compared to others on here.

your visuals seem mild, for me the visuals are by far the lesser side of HPPD. The constantly feeling dettached and like Im coming up on drugs, and other painful mental attributes of HPPD are much worse, none of which you have described. However I would take it as a warning and cease any drug use.

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