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For a lifetime.

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Not quite the 60s.  I first dosed in 73, shortly before my 14th birthday.  After that first dose I noticed I'd get visuals from weed.  As you may recall, back then, weed wasn't all that strong but you could get a big bag for $15 :)

I dosed for a solid six plus years and stopped in 1980.  I've had visuals ever since.  

Good to hear from someone who's had this for the long haul.

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In my case, I took Psychedelics for 10 months, mostly on weekends. I was a mere 12 years old and barely that. Then, I got HPPD and completely stopped any drug use. I have wondered if age makes one more susceptible?  I was so young!

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I first dosed shortly before my 14th birthday.  I've also wondered if dosing so young might contribute to getting this disorder.  The thing is, the "kids" I dosed with didn't seem to contract hppd.  I believe they see the world through a stranger lense than most even as adults, but no hppd.  Granted, the "people i dosed with" is rather a small sample size and not statistically relevant.  I did have one friend who became very depressed and checked out early.  I'll never know if dosing/hppd  contributed to her depression or prompted her early departure.  

I'm just happy to be here today.  

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