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does it go away?


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Hi folks,

I found this website and hope someone could help me.

I was a daily cannabis user until my hppd start.

It all began with a bad trip of 100 ug of pure acid. Before that I've tried something around 15x of acid in 1 year.

During my bad trip I felt a really intense sensation in my head, like a punch. It hapenned when it reached 3 hours of the trip. After that, I felt not so good, was really scared of this sensation come back, but nothing else happened. I was just very scary, which was not good rsrs for the rest of the trip.

After this experience I've got panic attacks and anxiety with some hppd syntoms: visual snow, photo sensibility (the light looks brighter, especially in white walls), distortions (especially in granite floors ), tracers. 

I`m going to a therapist, who is helping me a lot with the anxiety, I feel almost completely recovery about it. I am as well taking 75mg of lyric as medication.

It's been 5 months since the bad trip. 

My question is when these hppd syntoms usually go away? Does the visual snow go away? Do the distortions go away? Does the photo sensibility go away?

The only syntom that is healed for me so far are the tracers.

Please friends, I need some support. Tell me about your experience, or of some friend, I need some relief rsrs. I was planning to be a laywer. I am almost finishing my University and I am afraid that this condition will disturb me.

Sorry about my english, I am a Brasilien.


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Welcome.  For some people the symptoms go away, for others they don't.  In my case they didn't go away completely but they've significantly improved over the years.  It's only been five months since your last experience.  Give yourself some time to bounce back.  

I believe the single best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from psychoactive substances including cannabis.  Exercise, a good diet, staying focused, and a positive attitude can also be very helpful.

Even if your symptoms don't go away you can pursue your dreams and it doesn't necessarily mean that your intellectual abilities have been comprised. 

Testimonial:  I dosed heavily for over 6 years.  I don't know how many times I dosed but it was a lot.  I ended up with visuals that I have almost 40 years later and will probably have for the rest of my life.  I managed to get an advanced degree, get married, raised some amazing kids, and have had a happy life.  I'm nobody special and I'm not saying this to sound like a big shot.  What I'm trying to say is having hppd doesn't necessarily mean you can't move forward with your life.  The fact that you're getting help with anxiety and that you're doing so well is an excellent sign.  Anxiety, for many,  can be one of the more debilitating  symptoms of hppd.  

As for the visuals, chances are that those will improve over time if you stay clean.   While I still have visuals they have significant improved.  I used to have intense closed eye visuals and those are almost completely gone.

I would take some time to read through some of the threads here.  There are some bright people who post and there is some really good advise.  Doing so helped me understand where I was on the "hppd spectrum" and helped me realize that this condition wasn't unique to me.

Hang in there and take care.

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Thanks for the help @MadDoc!

I will continue with the therapy and try to enter in some meditation group, it looks to help people here. 

I probably need to do more exercise, I am a kind of lazy person rsrs

Did you stop to smoke weed since the syntoms had appeared ??

It's kind silly, but as I was a daily cannabis user, I am sad that maybe I will never smoke again :( 

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I didn't quit cannabis, it quit me.  I used to smoke every day all day long.  Very suddenly it started giving me panic attacks.  I also stopped dosing around the same time because I knew something was wrong.  You may be having a similar reaction.  What if you took a break for a while?  You might find that your visuals and anxiety improve.  Cannabis induced anxiety is quite common.  

I've smoked roughly 10 times (roughly) since I quit.  I always have a bad reaction.  Recreational cannabis will soon be legal where I live.  I couldn't care less.  It's not for me.

I use meditation to deal with anxiety and stress.  Great medicine for a hectic world.

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You are right. The best thing is to take a break. Even with cannabis didn't start my anxiety or my hppd, I am pretty sure it started after my bad trip of lsd 5 months ago. 

Hope the visuals improve and after a while I can smoke weed again. Miss the feeling of being relaxed, eat the munchies, everything was good for me with cannabis. Before the bad trip and the hppd I had been smoking every day all day long for 3 years.

The worse part as well is that all my friends smoke pot, and this makes me remember my good times with it :(

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Olá @exaciduser, vi que você é brasileira. É muito difícil encontrar alguém aqui que seja do Brasil. Eu não sou muito experiente a respeito do hppd, tenho os sintomas a cerca de um ano. Se quiser, entre em contato comigo por aqui, me mande uma mensagem para que possamos conversar mais a respeito. Continue firme, até logo :).

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