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Can you get HPPD a year after druguse?

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I think I might have HPPD but I'm not sure, I will try to explain why.

I smoked regular weed and synthetic(spice) when I was around 15-17, I also got a really bad trip from spice that still makes me feel bad sometimes, it was so intense, feels like I will never be the same again.
The year I was about to turn 18 I didn't really smoke much, I ate different meds though and was in a really bad mental state of depression and anxiety.

One day when I was 18 I suddenly started to get symptoms of HPPD when I was under pressure, the walls started to move in my vision like when you are tripping and I thought I was psychotic, I have lost count of how many doctors I have talked to but no one agrees with me about being psychotic, one doctor gave me SSRI beacuse of my anxiety but it only made things worse so I stopped using them.

I also have visual snow, derealization, brain fog, halos, floaters, closed eyed visuals, and anxiety beacuse of the mental state I'm in. But the thing that bothers me the most is that it looks like objects that are standing still are moving a little. It sounds super weird.

My current doctor also got me a brain scan beacuse he thought I had a brain tumor that maybe was affecting my vision. So he has ruled out brain tumors and psychotic dieases, and he has after that mentioned HPPD. 

So is it really possible to get HPPD one year after drug use? Or can regular meds trigger it also? 
It seems like most people get it directly after a trip or maybe a few weeks after but not a whole year. Maybe my doctor are wrong about HPPD and I'm just insane. 

Sorry if I write unclear, I'm not so good at writing in english...


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