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Any coping methods?


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Do you look at porn or masturbate a lot? Try NoFap as long as you can and see if you feel any better.

Try to go a month without porn, masturbation, or orgasm. Having sex doesnt count.

Look up the app NFCompanion to keep track of your progress.

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thank you for the advice, i've started working out and going on runs, and i feel great but i noticed that my tinnitus like symptoms as well as my visual snow gets worse when im extremely exhausted from say running, is this a good thing? and i have also found that distractions help me ignore it more easily than not.

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Being physically tired from exercise  helps my internal mental chatter quiet down.  When that lessens I can focus.  When I'm focused ... well I've written that already.  I don't think exercise is ever a bad thing for those who are able.  It can make one feel exhausted, but it's a mellow exhaustion.  

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