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Just found this site and I think itd help me cope better with hppd so here's how Ive been affected. I'm not super expreienced with psychedelics Ive probably only dropped acid about 12 times, shrooms once, and ecstasy once. It was after my fourth trip that I developed visual snow, and only off of 2 tabs, so naturally I panicked thinking I was perma-fried, but it was very minor so I didnt really care. I kept taking acid and it progressively got worse as I'm sure you all know and now I havent dropped in 2 months probably and I dont plan to drop anytime soon. My visual snow is super bad now with flashing of light, small visuals, and some pretty bad night blindness. I have also developed the tinnitus like ringing in my ears, and experience dissassociation and derealization time and time again. I have also noticed a slowing of my reaction time and find it harder and harder to remember things and pay attention, I am also very restless now and find it hard to sit still. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind and that nothing is real, but I can usually reassure myself that of course reality is real its reality right? Ive had hppd since April of 2017, so not as long as a lot of you here but hopefully it gets better, thanks for reading.


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Look up DPDR for the "not feeling real" symptoms. Depersonalization/Derealization.

The best advice anyone here will tell you is to abstain from drugs and live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. You will heal over time.

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First off, don't panic.  You haven't dosed too many times (roughly a dozen).  If you stop now chances are good that you could have significant improvement.  If you're consuming MJ it might be a good idea to lay off at least for a while.  For many MJ magnifies the symptoms.  For me, it makes visuals intolerable.  It could take awhile for your symptoms to improve so be patient.  As others have suggested avoiding psychedelics is sound advice.

Hang in there.

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