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So I've been into fighting for a long time, and about a month ago I picked up boxing. I go to the gym and go at the heavy bags for like an hour, working on my foot work and stance. I just one day want to actually box, spar with people and what not. But with this curse I feel like I can't do the things I want to at the risk of this getting worse. Some dude got a concussion on here and had his symptoms come back, harder. So I want some advice. Please and thank you

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If you can manage to box or do some form of martial arts without too much physical contact and risk of getting hit in the head then you definitely should as it's great exercise. If not, you can always try other sports though. There's a million out there. I've been wanting to get into rock climbing as I think it works many parts of the body and brain at once to give a complete, full-body workout. Nothing is ever the same with HPPD but in my experience if you can find minutes and even hours throughout the day where you're not thinking about it then that's all you can ask for really. Sports are a great way to achieve this. 

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