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Doing better off meds


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Cant believe it myself but im doing a lot better off meds. Took a 0.5 mg Rexulti 9 days ago, before that I had been off of it for 2 weeks.

Havent taken a klonopin in 9 days.

Been eating right for a week. Havent quit smoking. I try every day though.

The only thing is that the hppd and anxiety seemed to have plateaud at around 4/10 to 5/10. I want to get that down to 2 or 3.

DP/DR is minimal to nonexistent.

Feeling more positive and optimistic overall but stuck, I guess.


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Good news. It's all about baby steps and moving in the right direction. You can't jump from suicidal to healthy and happy in a week. That takes many, many months and often times years. It's just about moving that general direction, even if you take a few steps back or sideways every once in a while. Keep up the healthy lifestyle, especially the eating, and see where you're at in another few months. I bet you'll feel even better. 

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