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Do I have HPPD?

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Over a month ago I had a week in which i took 2g of mushrooms, 200ug of LSD and three days later, 100ug more of LSD. The last LSD trip, the one of 100ug was very light, not many hallucinations and perfectly lucid, however those light hallucinations persisted for almost 24 hours. Following that day, I continued to have very slight trails, a bit of visual snow and the overall feeling you have after a week like this. Now, 6 weeks later, I can notice some trails, the visual snow is definetly there, and I also sometimes feel like time is not passing properly (either too slow or too fast). Sometimes when I'm stressed or tired I can see the visual snow much clearer. I wouldn't say that these effects are impacting the way I work or live, but it certainly is noticeable.

For some background, I'm 20 years old, only tripped a couple of times and I usually sleep around 6-7 hours per night. I'm not sure whether these factors influence anything.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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I started getting symptoms after my first dose.  At first they were infrequent and only were apparent when I smoked cannabis.  It's very possible that you're experiencing what I did.  It might not be a bad idea to stay away from psychedelics and cannabis to see if the symptoms clear up.  You may just be experiencing residual visuals but, as I recall, those didn't last more than a few days, not six weeks.  I think if I had refrained after my first three doses my hppd wouldn't have been a long term disorder.

Above all don't panic.  Give yourself some time and it's likely that it will resolve itself.  

Note, I'm not a doctor and I'm no expert on hppd.  I've just had it for a long time.

Hang in there!

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Cannabis makes my symptoms intolerable.  It makes my visuals very intense.  When I first started to get symptoms it was always after smoking.  I guess for some of us it's a trigger of some kind.  I'm not an expert on hppd but staying away from the herbs might be a good idea.

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