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Can you get hppd if you only smoked weed 10 times


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So i smoked weed 10 times No other drugs. But dont know if i have hppd. my symptoms are. I have breathing walls but only when i Think alot about it. And i Feel dizzy AS if im on a boat. And some vertigo. And some afterimages. Visual snow. And alot of dpdr. And alitle tracers but that are my only symptoms. My doc says it probably just was the dpdr Doing it. But i kep beeing affraid that i have hppd.... DO I? The dpdr is 24/7 but the visuals are only realy there when i Think about it. Will i be normal again or Can i be stück with this im only 14 years old

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Its likely because youre so young and your brain isnt fully developed yet. Im on the hppd page on facebook and there was a 16 year old who got it from smoking weed like two or three times but he took a thre month break and he was back to normal. Youre only young so im sure youll wanna experience drugs when youre older, but if youre prone to hppd i encourage you to stay away.

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2 minutes ago, Cjb007 said:

And do you Think it Will go away if i just stop smoking and Doing drugs and stop drinken. And start running a bit

I have no doubt about iy. I also believe because youre so young your brain still has growing to do so that right there should help. But like i said, dont push yourself further down the rabnit holr

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