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Of course, that's what happens when people fully recover. I think the problem is that some people have really bad HPPD and therefore really bad streamers and it just takes them a lot longer. There are many stories on here of people recovering after a year or two and many of those who've recovered after five-plus years. Clearly the disparity depends on how severe your symptoms are to begin with and how healthy of a lifestyle you live in order to get better. I know in my case my visuals have drastically decreased over the course of two years but are still very much there and given the severity of my HPPD I imagine it'll take another few years for them to completely disappear. The good news is I'm finally at a point where they don't bother me that much day to day -- and that's really the first time I've been able to say that in over 700 days since getting HPPD. 

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