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Is there a way to take klonopin without getting addicted and still successfully manage the symptoms of hppd? What's the best regimen and mg for doing so?

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Never took Klonopin but Jay1 posted his Klonopin routine in another thread. 

I hope it is still up to date and he does not mind if I post it here:


Monday - off

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - off

Thursday 6pm - 1mg

Friday 9am - 1.5mg

Saturday 9am - 1.5mg

Sunday 9am - 1.5mg

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Yea, that's pretty much it... I mix it up a bit... some weeks i'll not have any on thursday or friday... Some weeks i'll maybe need 2mg on sunday etc... or might need a tuesday dose for a meeting or something

I think the key is to have those 3 and 1/2 days totally clean though, at minimum, before the next round... the more clean days, the less chance of risk. (I always go 10 days clean 4 times a year, to make sure i'm not getting addicted or building tolerance).

I've been on this "plan" for about 7 years now, maybe 8. Complete life saver, it has changed how I approach life in such a massive, positive way!


Good luck :)

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It just lowers anxiety. Kills panic attacks. Some people say it helps with visuals. I just try to use it sparingly like I did last night (1mg) when I'm having a rough time.


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helps me massively with anxiety, lowers the trippy feeling and at 1.5mg or above, reduces my visuals alot too (2mg reduces my visuals by about 70%!)

re: concentration, at higher doses, it is hard to stay awake, some times. The first few weeks, you will struggle a bit to concentrate and even form memories (at higher doses).... This seems to pass once you get used to it though.

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Yeah that makes sense. Was just wondering if you thought it's mechanism of action working on GABA has anything to do with it.

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