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I remember feeling so protective about the HPPD community (I was married to one) that if someone pointed out ignorant comments referring to us as malingers and faking the symptoms for different reasons. My favorite were provided on a few occasions when people claimed that Dr. Abraham and DEA created HPPD as a lie and eventually I knew I was doing something right too when I was named as a co-conspirator. Usually, it was a pretty rational person selectively processing facts and emotions and they are very hard to discredit because they feel they would be aware of this disorder if it existed. I argued with a professor from Germany who read almost all of the material on LSD that one would ever need to, and for years on the Internet in email, he would only give me credit for being so open to alternative explanations. I later met the researcher who still would not believe me 100%, but he said that my willingness to identify alternatives but state something you can't deny:  "Well, we have web stats that prove at least there is a trend worth considering." He later published a case report of an individual getting HPPD after mushrooms or MDMA. 

I used to spar against a pro-drug advocate long ago on his website after a rather in-your-face member of HPPDonline.com would return back telling me all of the lies this person is saying and what he is calling us. 

So, I would write in his territory (mid/early 2000's maybe?) on his site. and I used the same honest answers and stated that I do not have an answer to many of the common questions about the definitions of a disorder, but he disliked that I could attack his logical fallacies in not considering HPPD to be possible, This was occurring on his web site's personal forum.

A year or so later, a lot of things changed in the HPPD landscape (I was designing my first research experiment with Dr. Simeon) and I was drawn into another chance to go spar with his anti-HPPD crap because his followers were getting bad information.

He did piss me off because, well to be honest, we were both punks with a sense of self-righteousness for our stance, but I think I had a better one. :) However, I just agreed with him that his points could be valid in his perceptual reality, and I understood he would feel these things and was happy that he did not have to know HPPD. 

Then slander, but I ignored it. However, interesting that it was almost 15 years ago and I am writing about it and can remember it. I can tell you that the most HPPD friendly researcher in this community didn't know HPPD existed and was shocked to see how much literature existed, then people in the comment section will not either. 

I realized it was a waste of my time and I should focus on the bigger issues. In the end, I can find references to this user only on user reports from 2000-2007 on Erowid.org and his personal site is defunct. The Erowids are very supportive. This young guy annoyed me, and when I let it go I made friends with the people on that side who were open to or completely accepted HPPD as reality. I am removing excess to start over to deal with the things that do matter.

That guy must have moved on or in prison or maybe here, but I know that his followers were going to do whatever they were going to do, and the other member talking about their HPPD was just as effective as me.

t didn't matter what they said because I remember telling my friend during the a 7th hour of an LSD trip, "Wouldn't it be awesome if you just saw the world like this, but were not tripping?" It was only a month or so until my HPPD started. The Universe wasn't going to be subtle.

I include on my Google + page the response to what my bragging rights could be for: Dr. James Faddiman asked me (unsolicited) to be his LinkedIn pal and when I asked him why me? He said, "I am a serious admirer of your work."  If a pro-psychadelic member of a site heard that was true, then if the are educated psychonauts they would hear the mic just drop.

Thanks for letting me steal your thread. 

- dk

(I don't edit my posts before clicking send because I have a million things going on in my head, and I am usually hitting "send" because I get a reminder how late it is. ) Ut us 3:23 AM, and I have stuff to sell online and get real sleep. But, I spent a few hours looking at the analytics from this site over the last few years (I do have it, the comprehensive ones), and my mind was racing. I'll try to focus writing earlier, so I can check it over to create sentences and stucture that form a cohesive unit linked to the sentences around it. )

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On 2/7/2017 at 10:32 PM, K.B.Fante said:

This was only posted a week ago: 

What always amazes me is the comments section, reading people who say HPPD is fun and they enjoy it. I'm happy to swap them their mild HPPD for my severe HPPD and DP-DR and see how much fun they have!

Totally agree man I came to look again at this place cuz in hell...don't think ppl with low level HPPD (if they have it) can relate to the hell full blown HPPD is...I wouldn't wish my condition on anyone I hate. Glad to find someone who actually seems to have a severe case and get this...there is a reason I haven't been here much in many years...too many mild symptoms and dreams off what we know is true horror ?

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