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So I took some acid about 4 months ago and I've had visual snow and floaters and afterimages ever since.  I'm 99% sure this was real lsd as it had no taste or mouth numbing effect, and my friend swallowed the tab and still tripped. I'm not too concerned about the visuals from hppd because I recently became free of all drugs, and my therapist/ own research have told me they will most likely eventually go away. But one thing that bothers me is that reality seems slightly off,   Like the way everything kind of looks. It just looks slightly different than It used to, kind of dream like and surreal, but I don't completely feel like I'm in a dream or anything. I'm not sure if this is slight dp/ derealization that is just a part of my hppd, or what is causing this, and if it will go back to normal. And when I'm in a large crowd all the voices sound a little different, like I'm noise sensitive or something. I'm also basically always spaced out and forgetful now, but i can still pass tests and quizzes. If anyone has any idea if this is just a symptom of the hppd, or what, just plz let me know! Thx

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10 hours ago, Hppdjake said:

I would also like to mention that while I've had bad anxiety since the event, nobody has noticed any change in my personality

This is an interesting point and one we should always keep in mind..

Internally, it seems like we must stand out as completely crazy to other people.... But everyone has their own shit to deal with and are not actively hunting our signs of anxiety, depression etc.

I've had people tell me that i'm super laid back and friendly and i'm almost laughing inside, because most of the time my anxiety is trying to force me to lock myself in a room and speak to nobody.

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59 minutes ago, boozebome said:

HPPD. Continue being abstinent and lead a healthy life. Most probably it will all pass soon enough.

So the part where everything looks slightly off but i can't figure out what is different is also part of hppd? That's great to know thank you


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