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Sound Engineer - Headaches + Sound is too loud


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Hey everyone, 

Background (you can skip this part) 

Been viewing from afar for a couple of months but now i could do with a couple of tips. Jay by the way, read a few of your posts, seem like a great guy and a musician!

I have some of the normal but distressing symptoms, Light sensitivity is one that right now isn't nice, but from a post i've read it seems I have mild HPPD in comparison to some, so really don't want to come on here complaining. Weird thing is I did not get this from a drug I took for fun, but it's not important. Cards been dealt.

It took 2 months but I think I've forgave myself, which by the way if you are reading this, have a think, guilt i've learnt from past experiences is soul destroying, forgive yourself. 


The reason I am writing is, I am a sound engineer and a drummer and right now it's impossible, especially mixing. Music is all I know, although sounds flat again. LAME, anyway...

i've had a constant headache now for 6 weeks and getting worse daily, tried various combo's of Naproxen, Metoclopramide, Ibuprofen, Clonazepam, Codeine, Migraleve, Magnesium, but it just won't go away. It's always there, seems like a tension headache with the neck pain etc....This might be old news, but could not find much on the search with any advice, maybe there isn't any. Even a combo that would allow me to mix for a few hours would be a god send in a studio environment, change of job might be the life turn I need, who knows.

This coupled with the fact my ears rattle and can hear fluid in both, so sensitive to noise, which as a sound engineer who works in arenas this might be game over (for a while! confident that the ears will have to get use to it's new loudness or tone themselves down again...wishful thinking) 

ANY advice welcome, much love. 


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Hey mate, I used to get this alot.... I started wearing sunglasses whenever I could, indoors or out. People will take the piss, but that's life. After a few months, the headaches went away.... Whether this would work for you, who knows, ut might be worth a try.

ps - I was a sound engineer in my early 20s too,,, Loved it, mainly studio work, but some live stuff too. I'm getting back into production again now... Just got Reason 9 and a nice Korg keyboard, along with a nice audio I/O for guitar and bass... Really enjoying it :)

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I knew you'd be the first to reply, thanks! Think i am gonna go for these pilot style glasses (well a UK version) -> https://www.theraspecs.com/pilot-theraspecs-outdoor/. Been thinking about it and you've confirmed it, to be honest i only really hang around with musicians, so might get away with it easier than most. 

Glad to hear the headaches went away, does that mean that once the headaches go i'll always need glasses or do the headaches usually drop off? I just dunno what to expect.  (and i know there probably is no easy answer but you seem to know the most)

How do you know I am in my 20's lol, haven't even got around to making this account lol! 

Nice, do you use a mac or pc? only asking because I might have some cool things for you. I am so live orientated but now because of this building a studio, funny how things go, have no doubt i'll be back doing live stuff. Ps, can I PM you a private question? only needs a one line answer (on HPPD) 

Thanks for getting back and by the way anyone else ideas still welcome, though I know Jay knows his stuff


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HPPD gave me psychic powers :D

If you can find some, get yellow lens, that seemed to help with all the crazy visuals that I tend to get when looking at blue (eg, looking at the sky). It also makes life look a bit happier! Yea... You can get away with it more in the music industry... Just tell them you fucked up your eyes through lsd overuse, no one will bat an eyelid

When I was getting pressure headaches, I used sunglasses for about 6 months and then didn't really need them again, indoors. Could be just coincidence, but worth a try.

I use Mac.... Feel free to PM any time

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Thought so! 

Haha, i wish, never tried it, oh well, can't now. Probably do it in my 80's (if i get that far). I'll tell them nothing, just cause some mystic. 

I just hope these headaches go away and I can go to gigs again... who knows. Okay, i've a question for you, i'd like to keep silent. 

Glad you use mac! PM coming

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