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I"m in need of 4 individuals willing to make up the Executive Board of the Neurosensory Neuroregenerative Research Foundation, a budding non-profit designed to create awareness, fundraise and institute research for Visual Snow and HPPD. In order for me to file for non profit status I need to conduct at least three virtual meetings (Skype, Google Hangout, etc) no later than the end of the year. The sooner the better. In any case, those of you interested in getting involved can send me an email at info@neurogroup.org or PM here. The assistance I am requesting is marginal at this point but anyone willing to donate time and resources is welcomed. 


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Our board was finally formed and satisfied the requirements to have an attorney help us file for non profit status on a pro bono basis through the help of an organization that assists budding non profits. Its been a very long and hard journey but my team and I are dedicated to carry on the fight and help find a cure for HPPD.

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