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2 Years Fighting HPPD and I'm Winning the Battle

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My earliest memories of HPPD signs were in June of 2014 after I quit doing LSD but I just found an old Facebook post where I was complaining about "headaches that fuck with my vision" which was in April of 2014. So here is how I am winning this battle against HPPD and DP/DR.

I was prescribed buspirone in February and it did make me feel very depressed at first but after a month I felt so much better and I am still feeling great when on this medication. It makes me feel half cured. I still feel as if I am watching my life from behind a screen but I am now happier, and I am more mentally sane. I smoke weed almost on a weekly basis and even smoked k2 once I'm able to wake up the next day and NOT feel more depersonalized. I still do not recommend smoking weed because the results can be totally different for each person.

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congrats..im about to try buspirone myself but i have to wait a month until i get prescribed some + i ordered mitragynine which kills my anxiety and enables to be my old self again for a while..and i will try tramal as soon as possible to see if that works for me too...hope i will be able to toke again with the aid of these meds.

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It's good to hear that you're still also doing well.


It looks like we both developed hppd around the same time. Mine kicked in April 2014 but went into hyper drive around August 2014. But things definitely have gotten better on my front always, especially after I started taking prazosin.


Have you thought about adding melatonin? From what I've read, taking both at the same time creates a nice antidepressant.




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