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I have also developed vitiligo and I am in my early 20s and I also have HPPD. I only have vitiligo on my fingertips but it shows up worse in summer when the rest of my hand tans but my fingers don't. There could maybe be some sort of a connection. I know that vitiligo is caused by an auto-immune response and i have heard some people on this forum say that auto-immune conditions are linked in with HPPD. Maybe if you have vitiligo you could be more prone to developing HPPD.

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I got hppd about 6 weeks after a bad trip from a research chemical Bk-2cb. My trip lasted 18 hours. It's strange but I had no symptoms for the first 6 weeks after the trip. About 5 weeks after my trip I saw my doctor because I had an ear infection. She prescribed me some decongestant nasal spray which I used everyday for a week. Then I started having my symptoms after using the spray for a week. It was phenylephrine in the spray I was using. I haven't been to the doctor since developing my symptoms for fear of it affecting my career. My symptoms are mainly derealization and depersonalisation and just a general feeling that my perception of everyday reality has been altered in some way. I also have brain fog, tinnitus and I always feel very tired and lethargic.

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