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I have been overwhelmed by the negative and hopeless comments lately.

First off I wanna say that I feel a connection and have the upmost respect for everyone on this forum. You are the only ones that are going thru and understand the extent of our condition. We have all felt alone, confused, depressed and hopeless.

I have suffered for over 25 years. The best I've felt is when I challenge myself, stay possitive and hopeful.

When newcomers come on I feel a need to lift them up. I know from experience how vulnerable and scary it can be. In the moment, it can feel like nothing will ever get better.


It's my belief that this site should be to support each other during bad times and to continue compairing notes.

I have good days and bad. I admit more bad then good but when I see people like Jay and Visual taking time to help, it always makes things better.

So, please take into consideration, all the people who come here for the first time.

Let's stick together, be there for each other, stay positive and keep fighting like the tough fuckers we are.

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