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Is Kozin taking care of the site anymore?

Dylan L

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Is this whole gig going down the drain or whats the story here?


The forum is paid for, it's not going down the drain and will not get deleted again.


I don't have the tech knowhow to fix some of the issues though... If anyone can help, please PM me.

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Hi Jay,


Am not familiar with this forum software.  However (especially if any part of the server involves Windows), you can try a shutdown and restart.  If you've ever watched IT Crowd, its a big joke about "Have you tried turning it off then turning it back on?"  The reality with computer software today is that it is necessary to turn off now and then.  The only system I've seen otherwise was a Unix server that never was shut down or upgraded in over 10 years ... it only had to be because of the Y2K thing for the year 2000.


The downside is if it doesn't want to startup again, then you'll need outside help.


Usually there are database 'cleanup' options with the software.  This software likely stores info using MySQL (a common freeware database package).  Certainly the company that produced this would know (click on lower right text: Community Forum Software ...) but they will want $$$.  If it is leased, then they should provide free help.


On the lower left there is "Help" but for me it is incomplete.  On the upper left there is "ModeratorCP" which pertains to function available as Moderator.  Presumably you have full rights as "Senior Administrator" and there should be more options.  There should be debug help.  Perhaps if I had more privileges I could help better.


Unless you are in communication with David, not sure what else to suggest.  Do you have physical access to the server or are you remote?

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The deal is that it is a shared server running the forum board, they charge extra to control the vast amounts of spam... I imagine they will help fix any issues, I just haven't got around to messaging them.


I'll see if I can change you to full admin

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Sounds good.  Noticed the label change but the Help and ModeratorCP buttons have the same info (no visible option changes).  Perhaps I need to log out and back in?


The upgrade should 'reset' things anyway.  Will look further, but just finished a lengthy thiamine post and need to go get a drink or jump in a lake or something ...

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