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Severe Symptoms, Really Need Help


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Hi all,

I'd like to start with a brief background to explain my condition.

When I was 17 (28 now) I started smoking weed, just every now and again really. I stopped however after having a really bad experience - panic attack with serious paranoia, anxiety which left me feeling 'weird' and spaced out for a few weeks. Obviously I stopped the weed!

Anyhow, about 6 months after this I developed tinnitus, and very minor visual snow, but I barely noticed it, went to university, got a degree, started working etc. During this time I had a few 'flare ups' and developed new symptoms, trails, Afterimages, light sensitivity etc, and for periods it caused me great distress.

I then consulted with a neurologist who prescribed keppra (750mg twice a day), which kept my symptoms stable for the past 3 years or so.

However in December last year things got really bad, the static got thicker (it now covers everything, even in bright sunlight), my trails and afterimages last forever, alongside severe light sensitivity, floaters, massive star bursts (even from lights during the day), and horrifying anxiety and dp/dr on a constant basis.

I really don't know if this could be considered HPPD as I've no experience of psychedelics, but I really need help. Having severe depression and suicidal thoughts, God knows how I'm even holding down my job.

Do any of you experience such a massive increase in symptoms, for seemingly no reason? Mine have seemingly been progressive over time, it's truly horrific, every day is hell.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, I'm in a very bad way atm.

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Its posible its caused by keppra meds on long term are unpredicable or some aniexty that triggerd your hppd back you should contact your doctor

Maybe this a indication to tappering of medication what realy can be double hell

The medication trials are more induvidial based its like a russian roulette

I am also have some issue that something will trigger my hppd back

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Your story is very very similar to mine. Check out some of my posts.

My advice is take the odd kolono, get some strong magnesium, omegas and b12.

Maybe look into having a qEEG done to map your brain activity.

If you're going to come off the keppra do so very slowly. And don't make any drastic cuts or increases

That's really all the advice I can offer.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if things get hard. In going through hell and my friends and family have been helping me a great deal. So have people on here. I'm here if you need someone to talk to just send me a pm. I know the struggle believe me I'm right there too.

Hope things get better for both of us. For all of us.

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Generally something is triggering the heightened symptoms that you're experiencing. Generally just look back to around the time the increase in symptoms occurred and try to discern what changed that may effect it. It could even be something simple like drinking a new tea with specific stimulants etc. Hard to say anymore these days with all the different chemicals in everything.

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The only thing I can think is that prior to this people were smoking weed outside my flat, can passive smoke affect symptoms? From basically non existent to horrific in the space of a few weeks?

It'd seem really strange if this was the case...

No, thats highly unlikely if it was just cannabis.

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