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Brain fog DR/DP Fatigue

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Over the years my anxiety has basically all but gone away. My visuals are same as day one.

The symptoms that are still horrible for me are the brain fog, DR/DP and incredible fatigue.

I feel like if the brain fog wasn't there the other two symptoms wouldn't be either.

Please let me know if and how you were able to improve these symptoms.

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So THAT is what has been going on! It feels like I'm half asleep, I'll walk into walls, feels like I can't think clearly and my body feels like lead. One morning I literally had to roll myself out of bed, onto the floor until it hurt my face enough to get me to move. What is this DR and DP everyone is referring to?

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i tell you what it is...its the most debilitating, annoying, depressing and serious symptom i have ever encountered in my life...i loved life before...now im glad when it finally ends...its the only thing i can look forward to


what a great fucking life


i mean i dont have dp/dr anymore...but when i take too much drugs it comes around for a while....and since i love taking drugs and i really want to..i cant avoid dp/dr...whereas in the beginning after onset (1year and 1 month ago) i had constant dp/dr all day all night 24/7..im glad that hppd and dp/dr are over but my life is still not quite the same..and i want to get my drug past back where i could smoke as much weed as i want and so on

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you are right but i want to be able to hit the bong again..these days i smoke as much weed in a cigarette as one would smoke in a bong who is able to do so...but when i smoke a bong i get very anxious for 20 minutes.. its coming on too fast for not to be anxious about...


guess i need some training  B) 

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