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25 years with hppd


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For the first couple years I jumped around to different doctors. No one had answers. After all this time I finally got the courage to google it. I can't beleive a lot of answers were so close this whole time. Ive been on Effexor now for more years then I can remember. It barely keeps me afloat. Ive been reading these pages all day and keep hearing about Kepra. I made a doctors appointment. Any advice about dosage or combinations would be greatly appreciated.

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Can't remember when I started Effexor but its been atleast 10 years. It helped me with panic attacks that basically had me couch ridden.

My symptoms are: (i just learned most of these terms from here)

visual snow

DP? where u feel like your watching yourself


movement on walls and ground

severe brain fog

not a headache but constant pressure

constant fatigue

feel like I'm in a dream like state

....i think thats most of it

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