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UNC Smart Cells Teach Neurons Damaged by Parkinson's to Heal Themselves


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New advances in medicine like this makes me hopeful that a cure for HPPD will be found in the next 5-10 years. I've had problems with dopamine my whole life, but after getting HPPD it seems like I barely make any of my own at all now. I first noticed a big shift in my motivation and drive after being on ADD mess for a year and a half in high school. Turns out I'm a slow metabolizer, and the levels of amphetamine I had in my blood were... Well enormous. I was tweaking for a full year (hadn't done drugs yet else I would have probably realized I was high as a kite and stopped taking them, I just thought my docs had just "cured" my add). I'm pretty sure I caused some oxidative stress during this time as after coming off of them I stopped listening to the music I used to like even before meds.

because of gene mutations, I have a really hard time metabolizing dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and I think acetylcholine in my brain. This had lead me to think I may have caused some excitotoxic events or something in my trips (I always seemed to trip out ten times harder than my friends, I even broke through on DMT by hitting a resinous pipe)

I'm hoping tech like in this article could be applied to help regenerate some of the stuff we all may have fried in our brains. Thoughts?

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The lead researcher agreed to be on the Scientific Advisory Board to the NNRF but after that initial email I havent heard from her since.
I think this technology and others similar should help like the work being done by Dr. Gong Chen of U Penn.

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