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Possible HPPD from bad 2cb trip

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I'm not entirely sure how to use this sight but I'm at the point where I really need help. I'll give a bit of background to my situation, over 2 months ago I took 2cb for the first (and last) time. I'm no stranger to recreational drug use as I'm heavily into the underground rave scene, I've taken MDMA many times, cocaine and a little bit of Ket. Before the 2cb experience I was smoking weed everyday and quite heavily for 3-4 years.

I was offered the 2cb before going to the club and thought why not i took it and within about 5 minutes was tripping hard full visuals complete loss of time anyway it was bad. I woke up the next day and felt a bit off but expected this but the feeling never went away it was like I woke up a different person to who I was the day before I took that shit. The following weeks were complete hell I thought I was losing my mind and all I could think of was drug induced psychosis etc. I didn't have full on visuals like I was having while on it no tracers and I have no visual snow, all I can describe it as is I just didn't feel "right" I was completely detached probably dp/dr. I've had anxiety before and it has come back hard im scared to do anything I'm even scared to meet friends who I have known since I was a kid.

By New Years I felt like I'd gotten over the worst of it do I went out and took a pill and some MDMA and a lot of coke now a week later I feel like I'm back to square one again, fair to say I'm pretty angry at myself.

I'll try describe where I'm at now, I have constant pressure in my head, my memory is awful like I barely remember what i did yesterday let alone the day before that. I don't have visual snow but I have mild negative after images but not all the time, the dp/dr is the worst bit and the brain fog sucks. I just need some opinions does this sound like HPPD or do you guys think I'm just an anxious wreck? One more thing I wanted to add is the dreams I have at night are insane I didn't sleep for a few weeks after the 2cb trip so got prescribed diazepam but now I sleep ok but it's almost like lucid dreams I can remember a lot of them they make no sense at all but they are so vivid and it's every single night.

Hopefully you guys can make sense of what I've written I just need some opinions, I don't believe I have full blown HPPD but something is definitely not right.

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My HPPD was caused by a bad bk-2cb trip which is a research chemical analogue of 2cb. I had exactly the same worries as you about psychosis etc. I had a very bad episode a month after my trip where I lost touch with reality for about 20 mins in a weird visual feedback loop. It was very scary as I was at work at the time and I was convinced that I would need to be taken to hospital because of it as I had the same sort of feeling you get about being physically sick when you know that you are badly ill and need help but it was mental health. Anyway luckily it's a lot better now. I noticed from researching online that there have been a couple of associated cases of Neurological damage associated with the use of 2c related drugs. It doesn't say if that's from single use or cronic abuse but that does worry me slightly. Anyway I still have problems 6 months after my bad trip but they are no where near as bad as they were. Progress is very slow but I can feel an improvement. I have remained sober for 6 months now and it is definitely helping. I would highly recommend remaining sober and exercising regularly if you can because this is helping me massively. Don't worry you are not alone there are loads of people on this forum who are going through exactly the same as you and worse.

I still don't know if what I have is hppd. It's not severely impacting my daily life to the point where I can't function normally. However it is causing me many sleepless nights, depression and anxiety. At the moment I feel as if my visual perception of the world has been messed with as people, buildings, cars etc look strange and almost cartoonish. I feel overly emotionally sensitive and anxious all the time, have a constant tinnitus when in silence and I have negative after images a lot. That's all my symptoms pretty much. I do also have this weird ability now to picture thoughts in my head as much more visual representations as if I'm watching a film inmy head. Not sure if that's good or bad lol.

Anyway you probably don't have HPPD, Psychosis, or neurological damage. What you do have is the warning signs that you need to be careful.

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I had a single bad trip but it lasted for literally 18 hours because I was the idiot of the year and double dropped because the first gel capsule didn't hit me for over 90mins. I have found that the biggest and most powerful cure for HPPD is the art of distracting your brain. Get on with your daily life as normal, socialise, exercise, play video games do what ever you enjoy The more you ignore hppd the more it goes away. Sounds so simple but its tricky to ignore it when it's scaring you shitless. Put it in to perspective. All it is is a few alterations in your perception that have lingered longer than normal. You are not insane. You are not going to end up in a mental hospital. You will return to a normal state of mind. Time is the best healer. Progress is very slow but it will happen. Just don't do any more psychoactivs in the mean time as that would be adding fuel to the fire. Whenever I get scared about my HPPD I like to remind myself that there are people out there living with a hell of a lot worse and that gives me the strength to go on.

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Thank you both for your kind replies, sorry I've taken so long to reply, I've been doing quite well but went out on Friday night and feel like I've put myself back again, only have myself to blame. I do agree with you ignoring it is the best thing. I've got a job which I start a week on Tuesday so focusing on that, sometimes I wonder whether I do have HPPD or ive invented in my head fuelled by my anxiety which is completely debilitating a lot of the time the only way I can escape it is going out and getting drunk but then the next day is a living hell so it's not worth it which is frustrating. I do believe this has all happened because of 2cb though it has unearthed some deep set anxiety and intense dp & dr

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What do you think about trying noopept? I read there a lot revieuws thats realy help with aniexty i goth this from mr50 on the forum its worth to reasearch on the net

i dont have aniexty buth Here is the link i think i wil give a shot because its increase self confidence and learning capacity and concentration what i reealy need


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Things that have helped me:

1. Staying sober apart from nicotine, caffeine (after my anxiety became manageable) and an occasional 40

2. Talk therapy

3. Drug therapy with Lamictal (200 mg is working incredibly well for me :D )

4. Working out, especially running, helped clear up the majority of my brain fog over the course of a couple months (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurobiological_effects_of_physical_exercise)

5. Getting 8 hours of sleep (Not getting enough sleep ALWAYS increased the severity of my symptoms)

6. Patience and maintaining hope! A year ago to date I decided that if things weren't after a year I was going to commit suicide. I was severely depressed and could barely function (I left the house ~once a month to get vodka). Today? I'm preparing applications to go back to school and am feeling better than I have in years :D

No nootropics helped me personally, hppd wise, but piracetam did help a bit with the fatigue. 

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Neffbull never seen you on here before, is your hppd completely gone?

I'm a longtime lurker finally coming out of the shadows.

It's getting there. My vision has recovered to about ~85-90% were it once was, anxiety is ~80, but is drastically improving, and my brainfog is probably around 75-80% better.

A lot of my progress is due to increasing my lamictal to 300 and talk therapy because they have both helped reduce my levels of anxiety.

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