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Rare racetam reactions seems like HPPD

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So recently I started using a nootropic medication called Oxiracetam in conjunction with coluracetam. At first it was a magical experience. I had empathy the likes I hadn't felt in years, drive and motivation to get work done, improved cognition that surpassed even what I had pre HPPD. However, After two months I started to notice some symptoms that were similar to the ones I got when I first developed HPPD- fumbling of words, decreased appetite. So I stopped the medication. Within two days I started having some HORRIBLE withdrawals. It was (and still is, albeit moderately better) like HPPD on steroids. I did some digging and found that a select few have experienced long lasting symptoms after cessation as well. These individuals seem to be in the same percentage as those who develope HPPD, and their symptoms are shockingly similar. While the entire mechanism of action of almost all racetams are unknown, I believe this similarity is something we can learn from. It seems like for some peoples, when they jack up their acetylcholine production/usage their brains adjust to it and don't return to baseline. I've noticed when I use any drug that affects acetylcholine it becomes semi permanent leading to massive dis regulation. Wonder if anyone has any thoughts?


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