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eric - sinemet trial


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soo ive been on it since yesterday evening. started with one pill(100mg/25mg). today ive felt really relaxed, awake and calmed down.

visuals still remain. dont really know if something has changed with dp/dr. time will tell.

overall i have a good feeling with it.

the best to you all

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relaxed, awake and calmed down - sounds good.

visuals still remain - what are your visual symptoms?

i take 1000mg keppra and 50mg zoloft too. try to leave zoloft soon. i think it does nothing for me. - It is perfectly fine to take an SSRI with Sinemet, however, increasing serotonin tends to reduce the effect of dopamine. Of course if a med doesn't do much, then there isn't much reason to continue it - just back off Zoloft slowly.

Which formulation are you trying? (Sinemet or Sinemet CR)

Wish you success...

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hey thanks for response!

my visual symptoms are static,after images and foggy vision. cannot focus really good. i loose the focus on one point with the rhythm of the pulse. dont know if this is understandable :)

dont know which formulation i take. has it something to do with slow release ?! then i take the normal release.

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