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my life at this point.

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Hello dear sufferers,

I'm going to give you a little bit of hope. My hell started ago one year, few months later of taking MDMA, cocaine and one unique dosage of shrooms, you know, all this shit. I started with panick attacks, despersonalización/derealization, and then all the horrible visual disturbances like strong palinopsia/afterimages, blurred visión, halos, closed eyes visual and visual Snow( vs is the only symptom I Had before develope all that shitty stuff).

Today, almost two years later, I feel my life is coming back. I would like to say my life is perfect, but althought it is not... It wasnt before hppd!!! I'm neutral at this point... I feel in my way again dudes. I have met a wonderful woman who have hppd with two childs... I have moved my self around 1300km to met her and her family... And i have found a work!!(which I cannot accept because she have broke with her bf and her little childs need time to adapt themselfes...)

If I hadnt hppd... I couldnt met her so... Is this so bad? In my chase it is not. I met her on visual Snow grupo and she never Had taken any type of recreative drug.. Only ssris.. So... Nobody deserve that.... She have the same symptoms and she never never sus drugs... So that is my opinión... People who never did drugs can have it... So... At least we dos drugs and we got funny!!!!

I wish you luck and I'll be happy to talk to anything of my techniques to deal/cope with it.

I have taken a lot of meds tryng to fix diferentes symptoms.. Antipshichotics meds, which made me insane, antiepileptics, ansiolitics, hipnotics... And nothimg nothimg helped me... When I quitted all drugs(i only smoke one or two cigarrettes Per day and it helps with anxiety). Klonopin is a shit for ne... No meds help a shit. I run everyday for one hour and go to gym around one hour. Thats how I del and my dp is gone at 90% at this moment.

Wish you a merry christmas and a hapoy new year!!

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Hey mates. I'm back again. How are you all?? :) :) I'm really good. Today, I can say I'm really happy. I broked up with the girl I told you and I'm back to my town. So, I live now with my parents and my little bro. My hppd is so diminished by now. I could say I haven't dp/dr, I still get it only when I get cold, have migraines (a big numb sensation) or when I take antibiotics. I took amoxicilin, which make me felt really insane for few weeks, but I came to my ''hppd's basseline'' thank's good. I would advice you all to take care with all meds you have to take, even it looks safe. It took me lot of time to feel real again and I suffered a big relapse when I took antibiotics, which apparently didn't seem harmfull. Please, take care with all meds.


Well. My life now is good. It took lot of time and... I had to work really hard.. but the present day I'm having my reward!!!! :) I removed all bad habits and bad people (you know what I mean).. So it was difficult. All people here know the happy is one ''losing'' the time with few friends in the park.. and smoking shit. Now, almost every of my friends do drugs. Part of them are living their normal lives (working, studying, partying) and part of them simply watch how live passes in front their eyes.. but all of them had something in common.. They chose their destiny.. so I took the choice of choose mine. My choice was do everything it's in my hand to be mine, myself. I leave them. I still have contact with some buddies but  I'm cutting. One of my gold rules is STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. Even if it's only smell. I simply don't want get involved in nothing which can make me feel bad.


I'm working again. I've found work as kitchen assistant :) Found a job in my town have been a good experience, because we have the higher unemployment rate, here in Spain. By the way, have routines and been focusing in tasks it's good for your mind. Now, I'm living good, being happy and relaxed. I resume my relation with my dad (we had bad relation lots of years... prehppd) and until today, we can have normal relation, with respect. My mon who have pass a really nightmare with cancer.. and thank's good, she is cured 100% :) and my little bro, who will have him entrance exams to college soon. So, I can live in my home with armony, my salary allows me pay my little vices (I still smoke few cigarrettes and... play poker) and my things, and I can help with money to contribute my house's  economy. My dream is keep money and finish my university grade of psichology, which I leave in my 3 year (more than a half).


Well, I don't know what exactly I made to feel good again. I would advice stay away from drugs, do sport, and hear your own internal voice. Found her. You are still here. You have to trust all will get better and you can get fun and relax again. Just child and work hard and remove all it's making you feeling bad. :) Move your ass and found a job and do things you like. I love do sports, onlinegames and chill outside. If you are scared, do it until you won't be not.

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Hi nice recovery story i am glad you doing well and gething of drugs and bad people

Wel i am back here after 4 months me to i recoverd about more then a year same like you healty life styel and much of sport i did before

still doing long walks and works always fine and still symptoms free

Most people look in to the hands of doc buth mostly meds cant help i realize it to

If people experience the power of sport they just will see its the best option they have

Anyway wish you lot of fun with your life without hppd cheers

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