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Hello Halos


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Hi everybody.


Saw some interesting things on this site so decided to join.


I did acid about 6 times nearly 30 years ago and still have some tracers(persistence of vision) and once in a while I get the spiral effect if I look at at patch of concrete or grass.  Anything with kind of a regular pattern to it.


Antidepressants have removed some of the HPPD symptoms, and I believe tricyclics made them worse.



Right now I'm dealing with something that happened three years ago.  I noticed that the "halos" I saw around lights were gone.  I also got more depressed, anxious, and paranoid nearly the same day.  I've cried very easily since then and can't work.  Kind of a bummer.  I remember when halos went away one other time in my life, and they came back due to the use of antidepressants then.

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Man HPPD is such a crazy thing. Decreases in your visual symptoms leading to increased psychological ones... Like wtf xD I'm surprised more researchers haven't looked into this disorder just out of sheer curiosity.

Stay strong dude, if you were helped by antidepressants like SSRIs that usually signals you have a high level of another neurotransmitter that the increased serotonin is helping balance by providing competition. Are you experiencing any physical symptoms relating to your muscle, amounts of saliva, urination patterns?

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