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How do you cope?


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Hi folks

I'm male, 35, had HPPD since 1994 and only found out what it was about 7 years ago. I've suffered in silence for years and never told my family, friends, or even girlfriend of 5 years.

Think my HPPD is pretty bad. Took some crazy strong acid aged 14 and had bad visuals, snow ever since.

But somehow I've pieced together a normal life.

Just wondering, how many people on here function as normal, and what sort of coping mechanisms have you adopted?

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I've also just turned 17 and had it since I was 15. I didn't know what HPPD was for the first 11 months of having it but I highly suspected it was caused by the drugs. I just cope by living my normal life, getting out of the house. My brain automatically just shuts off when I get stressed though so I don't freak out. I either think positive or don't think at all

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