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Guest Ludwig80

If I remember correctly, people were often skeptical of his posts on the old boards. I think some of his other posts spurred some suspicions of validity. But don't hold me to that cause my memory's subpar sometimes. Maybe some others from the old board remember better than I.

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Yeah, and that post saying he was cured here was before the "craniotomy" which he posted in his shoomery post. I don't think he is reliable. There are some overlapping aspects to his story, but in his post here mentioned names of doctors. I don't know about them though. Also, I am always very skeptical about people who say they just found a doctor that just knew some cure, "oh its some damaged neurons" or some other magic cure that is not known about by anyone else in the community. Wouldnt a doctor publish a sure treatment protocol especially for such an enigmatic and troubling disorder with links to other disorder? No it cannot be right if we get a treatment it would be probably years of research by the people we already know eg david kozin dr abraham etc

There are just too many factors that do not match up.

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Everybody. Take some time to think about this. Please read my entire post and give me feedback. I want to share my knowledge with everyone who is lost in HPPD. I am no expert. I am only 16 years old and currently dealing with the setback of HPPD following cannabis use. Ok, First of all I wanted to reply to this topic because that's what I came here for. I do believe that the craneotomy report is true. I read the report, requested this dude on Facebook, instant messaged him and gave him my number,and within 5 minutes he called from Dallas, TX to hear my story. I talked to him for about 30 minutes and he was the nicest dude you'll ever talk to. He really does know a lot about HPPD than 95% of people of these forums and is set on helping people overcome this nightmare. I felt grounded for the first time in awhile because I had someone to talk to, express my feelings, and reaffirm that I will eventually beat HPPD. I know there are a lot of skeptics out there that probably won't believe a word that I say, but I can't really describe it in words, this dude is legitimate. He claims that a doctor who specializes in this field couldn't completely pinpoint the cause of HPPD (most likely because it was drug-related) but he said that Zac's symptoms matched up with a certain type of neuron damage that could be fixed by surgically removing a bone flap in the back of his head and inserting deep-brain stimulators. The stimulators rejuvenate the damaged neurons which in turn kills the perceived threat by the "flight or fight" response and GABA receptors in the brain. Zac said it was just like a light switch...gone. Now, although I am not an expert, I want to break this down. Please no mean criticism, I'm just giving food for thought and trying to help the community by sharing my knowledge. OK SO, EVERYBODY has different brain chemistry, right? That's why some people react different to medication than others...this is the SAME for drugs. Let's say your brain was wired a certain way that when you did LSD...your neurotransmitters (brainchemistry) started to become imbalanced. I mean LSD or any other given drug with some psychoactive effect can't be good for everyone, can it? After dropping acid several more times your brain will without question get damaged because you keep pushing your brain away from a healthy balance. Let's say for whatever reason you had excessive dopamine and low serotonin (just an example) and you kept taking a drug that rapidly increases dopamine. You're stressed out and really want to get high...so you take a large dose of some drug that further unbalances this high dopamine-low serotonin brain chemistry. You don't realize that you're brain can not possibly handle this large of a dose, let alone the drug in general. You then start to feel as if you are retarded because of the effects on the neurotransmitters...then you peak and your brain is scared shitless because it can't handle the unnatural (drugs are unnatural) change in chemistry. As a response to this perceived "life or death" threat, your "fight or flight" responses turn on...you're heart starts pumping extremely fast while also releasing adrenaline...your body is using up vital resources to attempt to save your life...You begin to lose sense of reality while still conscious...BUT it's not a saber tooth tiger, it's an internal problem that you keep making worse every time you try to prove to yourself that you can smoke that joint or drop some acid or eat those shrooms! The next morning, you're not high on the drug anymore and you thank God that you are still alive, but now you have HPPD symptoms that you are going to have to deal with until you give your brain a rest from all psychoactive substances, including tobacco. Last night changed your brain chemistry for awhile and your brain is still on high alert because the threat is still with you. This manifests itself into the anxiety problems that HPPDers deal with. In nature balance is key. Imbalances lead to corruption, chaos, and in your case DAMAGE.

This is just my logic and it's somewhat general. The brain is infinitely complex and saying that this is the only cause would be a bold claim. I did hear that the GABA receptors could also be responsible for some on this HPPD nonsense but I haven't done any in-depth research on that...That would be something to look at.



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I have talked with him as well and you are right he is a very nice guy. I even called the office to get some info but have not followed up on it. I think you should consider a couple of things. This is a very invasive surgery once you have a surgery you cant go back. When a study is done they do it with hundreds if not thousands of subjects and he as wonderfully positive as it is he is still ONLY one. your only 16 and have been in this just over a year. one day it could just click and be gone for you.(as long as you stay drug free) There are other things to consider ins. will they pay I'm sure this doc is out of network and this procedure has to be really costly. also recovery is hard i think he said 2 or 3 days in icu. The positive is you are young so recovery is easer on you. I know some people are skeptical of him because of the diff posts but maybe he was getting better with the meds then slid back for whatever reason.We dont know. I talked to him he sounds very legit and i believe he is better. That being said we should all look into any possible cures and help the ideas evolve. looking into something and being informed is the best way to go about things. I think you should look at this but the other new things out there like stem cell they are in studys right now for parkinson and other brain damage like strokes. I think its great you are on the search your being very active against what is going on with your body. Maybe you should start with Dr.Abraham first and just see what he thinks see if his trial will help you then go from there. surgery should be your last resort i'm not saying not to do it but i would try my other options first. good luck and let us know how everything goes.

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