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HPPD research about to start but..


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Hi people.


There is a lot happening right now.


OldSchoolAr have been in contact with a foundation that is about to organise a collection of funds and a research of HPPD for us.


HopeOne has been working on Neurosensory and Neuroregenerative Research Foundation and he has been doing a great job. He already got people involved into the scientific board. I can picture this foundation progressing and making a huge impact. However, both of those undertakings are not one mans job. They need our help.


We need to contact doctors and get them involved, we need to contact institutions and seek attention. For this reason we need content writers, possibly with a knowledge of HPPD and/or neurobiology. We need people that understand HPPD well that will give ideas and help to direct the research. Visual - where are you? Also we have to start sending out letters of invitation to the research/NNRF foundation, to health ministers, to get their attention on our condition and whoever else that we think should be informed of it.


We have got a website, we have got a foundation that can collect donations, we are about to set up a research... everything is already in place - we just need to work on it a little. It is simple - there is no need to wonder anymore about what has to be done.


Please contact me if you want to take an action.


If you don't feel comfortable with participating.. think who could you get involved that could help. Like I said, we need advocates, content writers, people willing to do simple tasks online, send out letters, write posts on other forums, look for articles to be uploaded on the website..

but not only that - we need people that are willing to talk about HPPD, do surveys within the community, that are able to explain to the public how it is to have HPPD through all means - writing, art etc.. We need people that want to do SOMETHING or ANYTHING.


So please contact me - if you got 2 hands, little bit of time and wanna to help :) !

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Yeah im ready to rock


This is awesome. Now is the time to take action as a group - I believe we can achieve massive things when individuals take action and work within a team / group.


Its great to take a stand and do whatever it takes... with an intelligent and consistent plan of attack!


I feel we can do this, there has to be a way. Why settle ?


I can Advocate, Write, Talk about , Surveys, Whatever it takes.. etc etc  If i don't have skills in one area.. i can always learn along the way.


i would like to possibly get top Professor Neurologists in Australia involved  etc etc


Maybe we should set up a thread where we can collaborate ideas and delegate action.


Speak soon !

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