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1st doctors appointment

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Went to my first doctors appointment to get referall to a neurologist today, I have very bad insurance it's like a government provided one. Doc did not understand and thought it was all psychological, showed him hppd on the Internet and he said "people get this from hallucinogens, synthetic marijauna isn't a hallucinogen" was not the best guy to talk to about this and was very aqward saying I have visuals in front of my mom. None the less he got me a referall for a neurologist because of my headaches, hope the neurologist doesn't specialize solely in headaches/migraines and I can get her to prescribe me keppra.

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My advice is to not go in there with only Keppra as your end goal.... Just present them with some of the known facts and theories about HPPD and let them make suggestions and give advice.


The more specialist advice we can get, as a group, the better. Keppra is not a perfect solution (far from it) so see what they say first. If they start thinking along the lines of SSRIs or Anti Pyschs, then be more vocal and say no and perhaps mention Keppra, Lamictal and/or Sinemet ... But first, just see what they think of it all.

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i guess the medicinal progress is not far enough these days and scientists arent researching this topic..they dont care


but dont forget that there are several meds from nature appearing to be a way better solution than the chemicals you will get prescribed...i was to my neurologist last week and got an ssri prescribed + another medication against panic attacks...ive tryed both and they make me feel sick..other than the naturals i already use and used.


just wanted to try what our modern medicine could do and i regret it.


i mean you have to test it on your own but dont expect miracle cures from dirty prescribed research chemicals..

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