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Troubles with reading?

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I first noticed my case when I started trying to read a book one day. I hadn't really been in to reading as it was..I was in seventh grade. Regardless, reading black and white print always served as a problem for me. When I go to read, all of the white space on the page is filled with flashing and static. This makes it nearly impossible to concentrate on any sort of text for more than a few seconds before it bugs me out. It is rare, but when I can find the right light, it does help with the static build up. It really sucks not being able to view literature successfully because there's just so much to learn out there. I've done most of my reading/learning through computer and phone screens which gave me a direct passage toward the world, just in the more modernized terms of society, so I guess I've got something good there. Although that method works, the light of the screens will still serve as a burden and I will either invert the colors to white on black, (works the best) take breaks, or turn the brightness down and try to vary the type of lighting in the room. When it comes to viewing regular paper, it plain and simply cannot be white paper or else I stand a small chance against my mind. If anyone can relate to this, please let me know because this is something that comes across my mind very often. 


Sending good vibes your way



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I've had trouble reading since I got HPPD, but it continues to get better as my HPPD gets better. The biggest problem I have isn't visually -- it's brain fog. I have to read slower and sometimes I skim, but I love reading and nothing would ever make me give it up no matter how painful.


If you can't read, or it's too painful, I'd suggest trying to read slower. This certainly helped me. Read one word at a time and don't push yourself to go faster. Also, there are so many different audiobooks and podcasts and awesome YouTube videos out there that support learning and literature. I'd suggest trying to look into these if you're someone who likes to learn.

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